Discover how SHW Bale Spears redefines your agricultural success

SHW Agriculture Bale Spears

Why SHW - Quality Manufacturing makes the difference​

Your Benefits:

  • Guaranteed stability: You can rely on the load-bearing capacity, we guarantee it
  • High Quality Spring Steel, rolled, made in Germany
  • ​You can be sure that the bale spear will not break, and in combination with the right sleeve you even get a 3-year guarantee
  • Every Spear is hand straightened in the final Production Process
  • You'll have more time for yourself and your family because you'll finish work faster.
  • ​You earn more money because you can do more in less time
  • ​And much more... Lets talk!

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How to Recognize SHW Products

Founded in 1596

Each bale spear is stamped "Made in Germany", with the SHW Logo, the crown and date of manufacture. Without these stamps, it is not an original SHW bale spear

Constant quality has its tradition at SHW

As a company for forging technology we can look back upon a centuries old tradition of ironworking and tool production. Our company is located in the Black Forest in the Forbach valley in Friedrichstal between Freudenstadt and Baiersbronn.

The blacksmith's trade has here in the Black Forest region his 'royal' cradle.

With our logo we document the solid forging quality and durability of our products where already the former kings of Württemberg did rely on.

For our full range of all parts for agricultural machinery and hand tools we only use high quality special steel and process them with state of the art forging technology. The awareness of consistent quality can be found in each of our forgings products. Whether agricultural machinery or hand tools for gardening, forestry or construction, our customers can rely on the stability and durability of our products.

SHW hand tools are available in specialized trade shops for gardening and accessories throughout Germany and neighboring countries. We supply SHW spears and other forging products for the agricultural machinery to spare part dealers and OEMs worldwide.

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Our history and tradition dates back to the 13th century. When first mentioned in 1267, noble metals and later iron ore were prospected in the Forbach valley.

Around 1600, the first hammer mill was established. King Friedrich promoted the processing of ore and the production of agricultural equipment in such a way that the first furnace could be built in 1763. In compliment to King Friedrich, Friedrichstal was named after him. Until 1820, Friedrichstal was the biggest of all seven Württembergian mills with almost 100 workers. As of 1805, Friedrichstal was the only mill producing steel.

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SHW Today

SHW Schmiedetechnik looks back on a centuries-old tradition of ironworking and tool production in the Forbach valley. Besides products such as spears, sleeves and blades for the agricultural industry, SHW Schmiedetechnik also produces hand tools for gardening, forestry, construction and agriculture.

Currently, SHW Schmiedetechnik counts around 94 employees. With an export ratio of over 30 percent, we provide customers all over the world. We export our products to countries worldwide in which agriculture is a major economic sector.

​In spite of the continual improvement and modernisation process of our manufacturing methods, we have always kept the tradition and the awareness for the quality of our products. To meet these requirements, SHW Schmiedetechnik only uses special steels of highest quality.

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